A likely exoplanet orbiting the oscillating K-giant α Arietis

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A likely exoplanet orbiting the oscillating K-giant α Arietis

Post by Edasich on 19th April 2011, 3:59 am

A likely exoplanet orbiting the oscillating K-giant α Arietis

Aims. To search for extrasolar planets around intermediate-mass stars, we are conducting a precise RV survey around K-giants.
Methods. We present high-accuracy RV measurements of α Ari made from November 2003 to February 2010. This star belongs to our sample of 55 K-giants studied for extrasolar planet and pulsation searches using the fiber-fed Bohyunsan Observatory Echelle Spectrograph (BOES) attached to the 1.8-m telescope at Bohyunsan Optical Astronomy Observatory (BOAO) in Korea.Results. We find a planetary companion with long-period and low-amplitude radial velocity (RV) variations in oscillating K2 III star α Ari (HD 12929). We do not find the correlation between RV variations and chromospheric activity indicators (Ca II H & K region, Hα line). The bisector analysis also shows that the bisector velocity span (BVS) does not show any obvious correlation with RV variation but has periodic component that may be attributed to the rotation of the star. If the RV variation is indeed caused by a planetary companion, an orbital solution with a period of P = 381 days, a semi-amplitude of K = 41 m s-1, and an eccentricity of e = 0.25 fits the data best. Assuming a possible stellar mass of M ⋆ = 1.5 M⊙, we estimate the minimum mass for the planetary companion of m2 sin i = 1.8 MJup with an orbital semi-major axis of 1.2 AU.
Conclusions. Our finding of a likely exoplanet in α Ari supports searching for extrasolar planets around giant stars with multiperiodic oscillations.

M= 1.8 x Jupiter
P=381 days
a= 1.2 AUs

Shall it be published on EPE? We'll check it soon cyclops

Edit: YES!

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Re: A likely exoplanet orbiting the oscillating K-giant α Arietis

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 24th April 2011, 8:52 pm

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