Another star in the HR 4796 system

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Another star in the HR 4796 system

Post by Lazarus on 20th August 2008, 7:14 pm

The star 2MASS J12354893-3950245 (or 2M1235-39 for short) appears to be associated with the HR 4796 system, which is already known to be a binary. Mentioning this here because structures in the dusty disc around HR 4796A have been hypothesised to be caused by the gravitational influence of a planet (alternatively, the previously known M-dwarf companion star HR 4796B may be responsible).

Identification of the TW Hya Association member 2M1235-39: a tertiary component of the HR 4796 system

Interestingly there are indications that 2M1235-39 may itself be a close binary star.

Reference for the planet (Edasich, you might want to include this one in your unconfirmed planets list): How Observations of Circumstellar Disk Asymmetries Can Reveal Hidden Planets: Pericenter Glow and its Application to the HR 4796 Disk
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