Venus' Atmosphere - Sulfuric Acid -> Sulfur Dioxide

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Venus' Atmosphere - Sulfuric Acid -> Sulfur Dioxide

Post by marasama on 27th December 2010, 1:16 pm

It appears that Venus has a layer of Sulfur Dioxide.
Xi Zhang, ran simulations showing that Sulfuric Acid droplete freezes to high altitudes where the sunlight breaks down to produce Sulfur Dioxide.

What this means is that the hopes (of some) who want to cool Earth by pumping Sulfuric Acid (which blocks sunlight) will turn into Sulfur Doxide (which does not block sunlight). And the whole attempt may be fruitless.

My note: I never liked this attempt, due to the potential of Sulfuric Acid Rain (acid rain). Not worth the risk in my opinion.

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