Improved TrES-3 b parameters

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Improved TrES-3 b parameters

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 28th November 2010, 9:13 pm

Physical Properties of the Transiting Planetary System TrES-3

We present four new transits of the planetary system TrES-3 observed between 2009 May and 2010 June. Among these, the third transit by itself indicates possible evidence for brightness disturbance, which might be the result of the planet blocking a cool starspot on the stellar surface. A total of 109 transit times, including our measurements, were used to determine the improved ephemeris with a transit epoch of 2454185.910944$\pm$0.000072 HJED and an orbital period of 1.30618700$\pm$0.00000015 d. We analyzed the transit light curves using the JKTEBOP code and adopting the quadratic limb-darkening law. In order to derive the physical properties of the TrES-3 system, the transit parameters are combined with the empirical relations from eclipsing binary stars and stellar evolutionary models. The stellar mass and radius obtained from a calibration using $T_A$, log $\rho_{\rm A}$ and [Fe/H] are consistent with those from the isochrone analysis. We found that the exoplanet TrES-3b has a mass of 1.93$\pm$0.07 M$_{\rm Jup}$, a radius of 1.30$\pm$0.04 R$_{\rm Jup}$, a surface gravity of log $g_{\rm b}$=3.45$\pm$0.02, a density of 0.82$\pm$0.06 $\rho_{\rm Jup}$, and an equilibrium temperature of 1641$\pm$23 K. The results are in good agreement with theoretical models for gas giant planets.

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