"Eccentricity Trap" with interacting planets near disk inner edge

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"Eccentricity Trap" with interacting planets near disk inner edge

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 3rd August 2010, 8:52 pm

Eccentricity Trap: Trapping of Resonantly Interacting Planets near the Disk Inner Edge

Abstract wrote:Using orbital integration and analytical arguments, we have found a new mechanism (an "eccentricity trap") to halt type I migration of planets near the inner edge of a protoplanetary disk. Because asymmetric eccentricity damping due to disk-planet interaction on the innermost planet at the disk edge plays a crucial role in the trap, this mechanism requires continuous eccentricity excitation and hence works for a resonantly interacting convoy of planets. This trap is so strong that the edge torque exerted on the innermost planet can completely halt type I migrations of many outer planets through mutual resonant perturbations. Consequently, the convoy stays outside the disk edge, as a whole. We have derived semi-analytical formula for the condition for the eccentricity trap and predict how many planets are likely to be trapped. We found that several planets or more should be trapped by this mechanism in protoplanetary disks that have cavities. It can be responsible for the formation of non-resonant, multiple, close-in super-Earth systems extending beyond 0.1AU. Such systems are being revealed by radial velocity observations to be quite common around solar-type stars.

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