SuperLupus transit survey

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SuperLupus transit survey

Post by Borislav on 19th July 2010, 6:04 pm

Title : The Frequency of Hot Jupiters around Galactic Dwarf Stars
Abstract :
We calculate the frequency of Hot Jupiter planets around Galactic dwarf stars using the
results from the SuperLupus transit survey. This survey monitored a single field just off the
galactic plane for approximately 100 nights spread over 3 years. The frequency of Hot
Jupiters is derived using actual survey results and a realistic Monte Carlo simulation of the
survey. We find that just 0.15\% of Galactic dwarf stars host a Hot Jupiter. This frequency
is lower than reported by radial velocity surveys, but in close agreement to other transit
surveys which have attempted to derive this statistic. The differences between
frequencies derived from transit survey and radial velocity surveys are most probably due

to the monitoring of slightly different stellar populations.


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