NICMOS observations of XO-1 b

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NICMOS observations of XO-1 b

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 10th June 2010, 9:33 pm

NICMOS Observations of the Transiting Hot Jupiter XO-1b

abstract wrote:We refine the physical parameters of the transiting hot Jupiter planet XO-1b and its stellar host XO-1 using HST NICMOS observations. XO-1b has a radius Rp=1.21+/-0.03 RJup, and XO-1 has a radius Rs=0.94+/-0.02 RSun, where the uncertainty in the mass of XO-1 dominates the uncertainty of Rp and Rs. There are no significant differences in the XO-1 system properties between these broad-band NIR observations and previous determinations based upon ground-based optical observations. We measure two transit timings from these observations with 9 s and 15 s precision. As a residual to a linear ephemeris model, there is a 2.0 sigma timing difference between the two HST visits that are separated by 3 transit events (11.8 days). These two transit timings and additional timings from the literature are sufficient to rule out the presence of an Earth mass planet orbiting in 2:1 mean motion resonance coplanar with XO-1b. We identify and correct for poorly understood gain-like variations present in NICMOS time series data. This correction reduces the effective noise in time series photometry by a factor of two, for the case of XO-1.

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