Finding sin i from RV analysis of secular interactions - Masses of HD 73526 b, c

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Finding sin i from RV analysis of secular interactions - Masses of HD 73526 b, c

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 28th May 2010, 1:13 am

Analysis of radial velocity variations in multiple planetary systems

Abstract wrote:The study of multiple extrasolar planetary systems has the opportunity to obtain constraints for the planetary masses and orbital inclinations via the detection of mutual perturbations. The analysis of precise radial velocity measurements might reveal these planet-planet interactions and yields a more accurate view of such planetary systems. Like in the generic data modelling problems, a fit to radial velocity data series has a set of unknown parameters of which parametric derivatives have to be known by both the regression methods and the estimations for the uncertainties. In this paper an algorithm is described that aids the computation of such derivatives in case of when planetary perturbations are not neglected. The application of the algorithm is demonstrated on the planetary systems of HD 73526, HD 128311 and HD 155358. In addition to the functions related to radial velocity analysis, the actual implementation of the algorithm contains functions that computes spatial coordinates, velocities and barycentric coordinates for each planet. These functions aid the joint analysis of multiple transiting planetary systems, transit timing and/or duration variations or systems where the proper motion of the host star is also measured involving high precision astrometry. The practical implementation related to the above mentioned problems features functions that makethese kind of investigations rather simple and effective.

HD 73526 sin i = 0.82+0.18-0.14
HD 128311 sin i = 0.8+0.2-0.5
HD 155358 sin i = unconstrained

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