Locating Planetesimal Belts in Multi-Planet Systems

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Locating Planetesimal Belts in Multi-Planet Systems

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 17th May 2010, 8:14 pm

Locating the planetesimals belts in the multiple-planet systems HD 128311, HD 202206, HD 82943 and HR 8799

Abstract wrote:In addition to the Sun, six other stars are known to harbor multiple planets and debris disks: HD 69830, HD 38529, HD 128311, HD 202206, HD 82943 and HR 8799. In this paper we set constraints on the location of the dust-producing planetesimals around the latter four systems. We use a radiative transfer model to analyze the spectral energy distributions of the dust disks (including two new Spitzer IRS spectra presented in this paper), and a dynamical model to assess the long-term stability of the planetesimals' orbits. As members of a small group of stars that show evidence of harboring a multiple planets and planetesimals, their study can help us learn about the diversity of planetary systems.

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