Discovery of a 10 M_J companion to HD 38801

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Discovery of a 10 M_J companion to HD 38801

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 12th April 2010, 8:40 pm

Detection of a low-eccentricity and super-massive planet to the subgiant HD 38801

Abstract wrote:We report the detection of a large mass planet orbiting around the K0 metal-rich subgiant HD38801 ($V=8.26$) by precise radial velocity (RV) measurements from the Subaru Telescope and the Keck Telescope. The star has a mass of $1.36M_{\odot}$ and metallicity of [Fe/H]= +0.26. The RV variations are consistent with a circular orbit with a period of 696.0 days and a velocity semiamplitude of 200.0\mps, which yield a minimum-mass for the companion of $10.7\mjup$ and semimajor axis of 1.71 AU. Such super-massive objects with very low-eccentricities and hundreds of days period are uncommon among the ensemble of known exoplanets.

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