IR observations of HR 8799 b, c, d

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IR observations of HR 8799 b, c, d

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 28th March 2010, 9:30 pm

Thermal Infrared MMTAO Observations of the HR 8799 Planetary System

Abstract wrote:We present direct imaging observations at wavelengths of 3.3, 3.8 (L',band), and 4.8 (M band) microns, for the planetary system surrounding HR 8799. All three planets are detected at L'. The c and d component are detected at 3.3 microns, and upper limits are derived from the M band observations. These observations provide useful constraints on warm giant planet atmospheres. We discuss the current age constraints on the HR 8799 system, and show that several potential co-eval objects can be excluded from being co-moving with the star. Comparison of the photometry is made to models for giant planet atmospheres. Models which include non-equilibrium chemistry provide a reasonable match to the colors of c and d. From the observed colors in the thermal infrared we estimate T_eff < 960 K for b, and T_eff=1300 and 1170 K for c and d, respectively. This provides an independent check on the effective temperatures and thus masses of the objects from the Marois 2008 results.

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