review of current knowledge on exoplanets

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review of current knowledge on exoplanets

Post by exoplanet on 12th December 2009, 7:28 am

In Nature (behind pay wall):

Light and shadow from distant worlds

Drake Deming & Sara Seager

Exoplanets are distant worlds that orbit stars other than our Sun. More than 370 such planets are known, and a growing fraction of them are discovered because they transit their star as seen from Earth. The special transit geometry enables us to measure masses and radii for dozens of planets, and we have identified gases in the atmospheres of several giant ones. Within the next decade, we expect to find and study a 'habitable' rocky planet transiting a cool red dwarf star close to our Sun. Eventually, we will be able to image the light from an Earth-like world orbiting a nearby solar-type star.


A very nice read !


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