Preliminary announcement of two new planets around subgiants

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Preliminary announcement of two new planets around subgiants

Post by Edasich on 4th December 2009, 9:02 am

Retired A Stars and Their Companions. III. Comparing the Mass-Period Distributions of Planets Around A-Type Stars and Sun-Like Stars

The two systems HD 90043 and HD 200964 both exhibitlong-period ( 1.5 yr) radial velocity variationswhich are likely caused by planetary-mass companions.Both stars are chromospherically quiet and do not showstrong photometric variability.13 LS periodograms confirmstrong periodicities for both systems with falsealarm probabilities < 0.1%. Our radial velocity coverageis currently insufficient to obtain unique orbital solutionsso we withhold a detailed discussion of these objects for afuture publication. However, we note that single-planetorbital solutions fail to accurately reproduce the observedvariations; instead, two-planet solutions produce significantlybetter fits. The inner planet of HD 90043 has aminimum mass of 2.5 MJup and is located at 1.4 AU (P=1.2 yr), while the inner planet of HD 200964has a minimum mass of 2.0 MJup and is located at 1.7 AU (P=1.7 yr). No additional stars in our sampleexhibit periodicities with FAP < 0.1%.

HD 200964 is in Equuleus (first planet in this small constellation) and HD 90043 (24 Sextantis).

Plus a possible circumbinary planet/brown dwarf around HD 8375.
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