M-dwarf metallicity, same correlation as FGK stars?

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M-dwarf metallicity, same correlation as FGK stars?

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 20th April 2009, 8:09 pm

Looks like dM stars with planets are also metal-rich.

On the Metal-Richness of M Dwarfs with Planets

Abstract wrote:Knowledge of the metallicities of M dwarfs rests predominantly on the photometric calibration of Bonfils and collaborators, which predicts that M dwarfs in the solar neighborhood, including those with known planets, are systematically metal-poor compared to their higher-mass counterparts. We test this prediction using a volume-limited sample of low-mass stars, together with a subset of M dwarfs with high-metallicity, F, G amd K wide binary companions. We find that the Bonfils et al. photometric calibration systematically underestimates the metallicities of our high-metallicity M dwarfs by an average of 0.32 dex. We derive a new photometric metallicity calibration and show that M dwarfs with planets appear to be systematically metal-rich, a result that is consistent with the metallicity distribution of FGK dwarfs with planets.

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