Transit timing variations at XO-2?

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Transit timing variations at XO-2?

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 16th March 2009, 8:13 pm

The Transit Light Curve Project. XII. Six Transits of the Exoplanet XO-2b

Abstract wrote:We present photometry of six transits of the exoplanet XO-2b. By combining the light-curve analysis with theoretical isochrones to determine the stellar properties, we find the planetary radius to be 0.996 +0.031/-0.018 rjup and the planetary mass to be 0.565 +/- 0.054 mjup. These results are consistent with those reported previously, and are also consistent with theoretical models for gas giant planets. The mid-transit times are accurate to within 1 min and are consistent with a constant period. However, the period we derive differs by 2.5 sigma from the previously published period. More data are needed to tell whether the period is actually variable (as it would be in the presence of an additional body) or if the timing errors have been underestimated.

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