New planet detected through direct imaging?

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New planet detected through direct imaging?

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 6th February 2009, 10:49 pm


Observations of planets orbiting within disks around young stars

Roy van Boekel,
MPIA Heidelberg

Abstract wrote:Planets are thought to form inside gas-rich circumstellar disks around forming stars during the first several Myr of their evolution, after which the disks – and thus the material reservoir for making (gaseous) planets – are gone. The disk dissipation and planet formation process may be intimately related. Since the first announcement of a planet orbiting a star other than our sun in 1995, over 300 exo-planets have been identified, mostly using the radial velocity technique. The vast 65 majority of exo-planet host stars are ordinary main sequence stars that formed long before our time and for which we cannot study the formation process. For a better understanding of the relation between planet formation and the disks dissipation processes, planets around young, forming stars must be found. Recently, a giant gas planet was found orbiting within the disk of TW Hya, a young star whose “transition” disk is currently being dissipated (Setiawan et al. 2008). We will discuss the prospects of further such observations, and show a candidate planet orbiting a star that is substantially younger and more massive than TW Hya, and is still surrounded by a massive gas-rich disk.

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