A quick update on Kepler's Earth-like planets based Gaia DR2

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A quick update on Kepler's Earth-like planets based Gaia DR2

Post by siyul on 29th October 2018, 7:37 pm

The DR2 stellar properties table

The DR2 Kepler planets and candidates table

Note that not all of KOIs are in the second table.

Kepler-186f is not longer Earth-size but a super-Earth! Kepler-452b is sized down to 1.51Rp/Re, though its validation is questioned. Some old candidates like K05737.01 and 2194.03 were once thought to be promising, but DR2 sized them up to 1.85Rp/Re and 1.83Rp/Re.
Kepler-1638b was statistically validated to be a quite promising planet with 1.6Rp/Re and 1.17Fp/Fe. However, DR2 puts it back into the sub-Neptune domain with 3.2Rp/Re.

It would be very convenient if we can make a new Kepler HZ planets catalog based on Gaia DR2.

Berger et al did find 30 candidates and 8 confirmed planets with Rp < 2 Re and 0.25Fe < Fp < 1.5Fe, but the planets are unsatisfying because the team didn't use the more conservative spectral type-dependent HZ boundaries defined by recent 3D modelings. I decided to construct a python program to select the best candidates and planets with preferred ranges of planet sizes and incident fluxes. The list below shows 15 candidates and planets with Rp ≤ 1.6Re and HZ inner edge defined by Bin et al (2018) for M-dwarfs and Wolf et al (2017) for K-, G- and F-dwarfs.
Kepler-186f: K00571.05, 1.438Rp/Re, 0.346Fp/Fe
Kepler-62f: K00701.04, 1.531Rp/Re, 0.477Fp/Fe
Kepler-442b: K04742.01, 1.395Rp/Re, 0.911Fp/Fe
Kepler-452b: K07016.01, 1.511Rp/Re, 1.089Fp/Fe
K07716.01, 1.465Rp/Re, 0.523Fp/Fe
K04878.01, 1.042Rp/Re, 0.861Fp/Fe
K03456.02, 1.358Rp/Re, 0.871Fp/Fe
K05087.01, 1.137Rp/Re, 0.350Fp/Fe
K05810.01, 1.397Rp/Re, 0.528Fp/Fe
K05948.01, 1.433Rp/Re, 0.644Fp/Fe
K07179.01, 1.052Rp/Re, 1.038Fp/Fe
K07591.01, 1.245Rp/Re, 0.304Fp/Fe
K08107.01, 1.174Rp/Re, 1.116Fe/Fe
K08242.01, 1.460Rp/Re, 0.917Fp/Fe
K07923.01, 0.920Rp/Re, 0.396Fe/Fe

The confirmation of just one of these candidates can drastically improve the accuracy of η⊕ estimates. While there is no ongoing program to      
examine all of the Kepler G dwarf Earth analogs, Burke has used HST to confirm Kepler-62f independently, and the analysis is underway.

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Re: A quick update on Kepler's Earth-like planets based Gaia DR2

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 29th October 2018, 10:03 pm

Thanks for compiling this! I was definitely curious where exactly we stood after Gaia DR2's radius revisions.

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