PDS 110 - A 1SWASP J1407's analogue?

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PDS 110 - A 1SWASP J1407's analogue?

Post by Edasich on 20th October 2017, 9:57 am

Hasn't this one been noticed? A possible transiting ringed substellar object in Orion OB1a orbiting a warmer star than 1SWASP J1407.

Periodic Eclipses of the Young Star PDS 110 Discovered with WASP and KELT Photometry

We report the discovery of eclipses by circumstellar disc material associated with the young star PDS 110 in the Ori OB1a association using the SuperWASP and KELT surveys. PDS 110 (HD 290380, IRAS 05209-0107) is a rare Fe/Ge-type star, a ~10 Myr-old accreting intermediate-mass star showing strong infrared excess (LIR/Lbol ~ 0.25). Two extremely similar eclipses with a depth of ~30\% and duration ~25 days were observed in November 2008 and January 2011. We interpret the eclipses as caused by the same structure with an orbital period of 8082 days. Shearing over a single orbit rules out diffuse dust clumps as the cause, favouring the hypothesis of a companion at ~2AU. The characteristics of the eclipses are consistent with transits by an unseen low-mass (1.8-70MJup) planet or brown dwarf with a circum-secondary disc of diameter ~0.3 AU. The next eclipse event is predicted to take place in September 2017 and could be monitored by amateur and professional observatories across the world.
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