Temperature and air pressure

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Temperature and air pressure

Post by Diakonov on 27th September 2017, 4:24 pm

Earth has 1atm pressure and it's pressure is average 16C and the greenhouse effect is around 30C. If Earth had 3x that pressure, this means the average temperature would be 50C and the greenhouse effect around 100C, keeping the same amount of greenhouse gases?

If Earth had, say, 10% of it's air composition made of CO2 instead of ~1%, the planet would be way hotter or the temperature would just be more distributed from pole to equator? And if it was water instead of CO2, since water traps even more heat? Is CO2 an efficient greenhouse gas in the first place? I'm asking these questions because I'm creating a planet system using Space Engine around a M0V star. One of the planets have an air pressure of around 5x more air than Earth, with similar proportion of gases (but with even more nitrogen than oxygen, to not burn the lungs of the local inhabitants, rsrsrsrsrsrs).


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