ExTrA (Exoplanets in Transits and their Atmospheres)

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ExTrA (Exoplanets in Transits and their Atmospheres)

Post by Led_Zep on 20th May 2017, 5:07 pm


Exoplanets in Transits and their Atmospheres

ExTrA employs a novel approach to the transit method; it observes at infrared wavelengths, where M dwarfs are brighter, and adds spectral information to the usual photometric measurements. Its three telescopes collect light from the target and from four comparison stars; the light is then fed through optical fibres into a near-infrared spectrograph. In this cost-efficient approach, the light from all three telescopes is fed into just one multi-object spectrograph.
This innovative approach of adding spectroscopic information to traditional photometry helps to correct the disruptive effect of Earth’s atmosphere, as well as errors from instruments and detectors. In addition, M dwarfs appear much brighter at infrared wavelengths — increasing the precision achievable and boosting the survey’s efficiency.

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