HD 207832 - multiple planets in a quadruple-star system

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HD 207832 - multiple planets in a quadruple-star system

Post by Lazarus on 14th April 2017, 5:43 am

Ngo et al. "No difference in orbital parameters of RV-detected giant planets between 0.1-5 au in single vs multi-stellar systems"

Includes the detection of two new stellar companions to HD 207832, a system which was previously noted to have a wide-separation common proper motion companion (Lodieu et al. 2014). This makes HD 207832 the first example of a multi-planet system in a quadruple star system. It is also the first quadruple system of hierarchy 3 with exoplanets: both Kepler-64 and 30 Arietis are of hierarchy 2.
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