Additional planets in low-mass planet systems from HARPS

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Additional planets in low-mass planet systems from HARPS

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 6th January 2017, 1:54 am

Back in 2011, when HARPS unleashed a 50-planet torrent on us, one of the discoveries was a pair of ~Neptunes at HD 20781. It looks like two additional planets have been found. In Gillon et al's paper about using Spitzer to rule out transits, HD 20781 is talked about. Specifically,

The analysis of our much extended HARPS dataset (212 points) confirmed the existence of these two planets, while revealing the existence of two super-Earth in shorter orbits: a M_p sin i = 6.3 Earth-mass planet at 13.9 day period, and a M_p sin i = 2.1 Earth-mass planet at 5.3 day period (Udry et al. in prep).

A transit search of the innermost planet (at 5.3 days) did not reveal anything. They also report a new planet at HD 45184 (9.5 Earth-mass at 13.1 days), and a third planet at HD 93385 (4.0 Earth-mass at 7.3 days). Maybe there's a new batch of HARPS planets comming?

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