HD 87646 / MARVELS-7 : Two sub-stellar companions in a close binary system

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HD 87646 / MARVELS-7 : Two sub-stellar companions in a close binary system

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 14th August 2016, 10:11 pm

Very Low-Mass Stellar and Substellar Companions to Solar-like Stars From MARVELS VI: A Giant Planet and a Brown Dwarf Candidate in a Close Binary System HD 87646

We report the detections of a giant planet (MARVELS-7b) and a brown dwarf candidate (MARVELS-7c) around the primary star in the close binary system, HD 87646. It is the first close binary system with more than one substellar circum-primary companion discovered to the best of our knowledge. The detection of this giant planet was accomplished using the first multi-object Doppler instrument (KeckET) at the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) telescope. Subsequent radial velocity observations using ET at Kitt Peak National Observatory, HRS at HET, the "Classic" spectrograph at the Automatic Spectroscopic Telescope at Fairborn Observatory, and MARVELS from SDSS-III confirmed this giant planet discovery and revealed the existence of a long-period brown dwarf in this binary. HD 87646 is a close binary with a separation of ∼22 AU between the two stars, estimated using the Hipparcos catalogue and our newly acquired AO image from PALAO on the 200-inch Hale Telescope at Palomar. The primary star in the binary, HD 87646A, has Teff = 577080K, log(g)=4.10.1 and [Fe/H] = −0.170.08. The derived minimum masses of the two substellar companions of HD 87646A are 12.40.7MJup and 57.03.7MJup. The periods are 13.4810.001 days and 6744 days and the measured eccentricities are 0.050.02 and 0.500.02 respectively. Our dynamical simulations show the system is stable if the binary orbit has a large semi-major axis and a low eccentricity, which can be verified with future astrometry observations.

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Re: HD 87646 / MARVELS-7 : Two sub-stellar companions in a close binary system

Post by Led_Zep on 19th October 2016, 1:05 pm


Discovery of first binary-binary calls solar system formation into question

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