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Post by Tabby on 5th June 2016, 6:00 pm

Hello ! I would like to share as well as Edasich their concepts of real and hypothetical exoplanet that I generated with the help of wonderful Celestia program . I also used to identify undiscovered planets Titius-Bode law and Dermott .I tried to show as much as possible the real picture of these distant alien worlds .All rings, satellites are shown in my screenshots are hypothetically possible and elimination of both using the same Titius -Body Dermott, and in the construction of the possible transit signals such programs as the Systemic action. Some additions to Celestia located on the Russian forum, and any user of Celestia can download and watch. Surprised
More recently, we have decided to change the identification of exoplanets,so do not pay attention to such a strange name. Suspect
So.To begin.

Kepler-108 Very warm subjovian

HAT-P-44 Cold jovian.Satellite mayde > 5

EPIC 205117205 b . Warm super neptun. The system therefore young planetary and lunar system on the stage of formation

GJ 1132 b Mayde Venus analog.

Nail programs planet Proxima Centauri generated in the project database Pale Red Dot Very Happy
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