Applegate mechanism vs planets

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Applegate mechanism vs planets

Post by Lazarus on 8th December 2015, 5:54 pm

Völschow et al. (2015) "Eclipsing time variations in close binary systems: Planetary hypothesis vs. Applegate mechanism"

In the cases of QS Virginis, DP Leonis, V471 Tauri and BX Draconis, the energy required to drive an Applegate mechanism is less than the available energy from the secondary star. For HU Aquarii, UZ Fornacis, HR 1099 and SZ Piscium, the ratio is approximately 1. Eight systems (HS 0705+6700, HW Virginis, NN Serpentis, NSVS 14256825, NY Virginis, RR Caeli, RU Cancri and AW Herculis) would require substantially larger amounts of available energy to drive the Applegate mechanism.
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