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Post by Led_Zep on 3rd September 2015, 4:41 am

The Exo-C report is available for download in pdf format from this URL: http://exep.jpl.nasa.gov/stdt/Exo-C_Final_Report_for_Unlimited_Release_150323.pdf

Mission Overview

Exo‐C is a mission concept study chartered in 2013 by NASA HQ. It is an agile space observatory optimally designed for direct imaging and spectroscopy of nearby planetary systems using internal coronagraphs, instruments that are close to technical readiness after a decade of laboratory work. Over its 3 year mission Exo‐C will detect and characterize planets in reflected starlight, from Jupiter to super‐Earth sizes and located in Saturnlike to Earth‐like orbits. It will study cool planets like those in our solar system—complementing transit studies of hot, short‐period planets—and serve as a technology pathfinder for future imaging of Earth‐like planets.

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