Probable low-mass companions to intermediate stars in Scorpius-Centaurus Association

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Probable low-mass companions to intermediate stars in Scorpius-Centaurus Association

Post by Edasich on 18th May 2015, 4:35 am

Three of them (HIP73990 B, C & HIP74865 B) seem to fall within planetary domain (i.e. ca. 20 Mj).

Discovery of Seven Companions to Intermediate Mass Stars with Extreme Mass Ratios in the Scorpius-Centaurus Association

We report the detection of seven low mass companions to intermediate-mass stars (SpT B/A/F; M ≈ 1.5-4.5 solar masses) in the Scorpius-Centaurus Association using nonredundant aperture masking interferometry. Our newly detected objects have contrasts ΔL ′  ≈ 4-6, corresponding to masses as low as ∼ 20 Jupiter masses and mass ratios of q ≈ 0.01-0.08, depending on the assumed age of the target stars. With projected separations ρ ≈ 10-30 AU, our aperture masking detections sample an orbital region previously unprobed by conventional adaptive optics imaging of intermediate mass Scorpius-Centaurus stars covering much larger orbital radii (≈ 30-3000 AU). At such orbital separations, these objects resemble higher mass versions of the directly imaged planetary mass companions to the 10-30 Myr, intermediate-mass stars HR 8799, β  Pictoris, and HD95086. These newly discovered companions span the brown dwarf desert, and their masses and orbital radii provide a new constraint on models of the formation of low-mass stellar and substellar companions to intermediate-mass stars.
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