HD 69830 stellar properties

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HD 69830 stellar properties

Post by Lazarus on 18th December 2014, 7:35 pm

Tanner et al. "Stellar Parameters for HD 69830, a Nearby Star with Three Neptune Mass Planets and an Asteroid Belt"

Young ages for the HD 69830 system appear to be ruled out, which implies the dust cannot be primordial. Also provides updated estimates of the habitable zone and snow line for the star.
The older age for this star supports the theory that its asteroid belt cannot be primordial and must be either continuously replenished through asteroid impacts or is a short-term event (Beichman et al. 2005). Finally, our new estimate of the location of the optimistic habitable zone places it just outside the orbit of the furthest planet, HD 69830d while the snow line lies well outside the orbits of all the planets.
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