16 Cyg System

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16 Cyg System

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 7th November 2014, 4:59 am

Asteroseismic inference on rotation, gyrochronology and planetary system dynamics of 16 Cygni

The solar analogs 16 Cyg A and 16 Cyg B are excellent asteroseismic targets in the \Kepler field of view and together with a red dwarf and a Jovian planet form an interesting system. For these more evolved Sun-like stars we cannot detect surface rotation with the current \Kepler data but instead use the technique of asteroseimology to determine rotational properties of both 16 Cyg A and B. We find the rotation periods to be 23.8+1.5−1.8days and 23.2+11.5−3.2days, and the angles of inclination to be 56+6−5∘ and 36+17−7∘, for A and B respectively. Together with these results we use the published mass and age to suggest that, under the assumption of a solar-like rotation profile, 16 Cyg A could be used when calibrating gyrochronology relations. In addition, we discuss the known 16 Cyg B star-planet eccentricity and measured low obliquity which is consistent with Kozai cycling and tidal theory.

They use the inclination measurement determination for the orbit of 16 Cyg Bb of 45±1 given by Plávalová & Solovaya and find it to be consistent a low stellar obliquity.

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