Warm Jupiters in misaligned systems

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Warm Jupiters in misaligned systems

Post by Lazarus on 13th October 2014, 4:53 pm

Dawson & Chiang (2014) "A Class of Warm Jupiters with Mutually Inclined, Apsidally Misaligned, Close Friends"

Suggests that some of the warm Jupiter population may be the result of slow Kozai-Lidov migration (where the tidal damping only occurs at the very highest point of the eccentricity cycle) induced by close companions. Systems with a sky-projected apsidal misalignment of 90 degrees are likely to have substantial mutual inclination ~40 degrees. They give six systems which are predicted to be in this regime: HD 147018, HD 38529, HD 168443, HD 74156, HD 169830, and HD 202206.
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