WASP-94 - Twin hot Jupiter systems

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WASP-94 - Twin hot Jupiter systems

Post by Sirius_Alpha on 28th September 2014, 8:26 pm

I guess we now know why this was taking so long...

WASP-94 A and B planets: hot-Jupiter cousins in a twin-star system

We report the discovery of two hot-Jupiter planets, each orbiting one of the stars of a wide binary system. WASP-94A (2MASS 20550794-3408079) is an F8 type star hosting a transiting planet with a radius of 1.72 +/- 0.06 R_Jup, a mass of 0.445 +/- 0.026 M_Jup, and an orbital period of 3.95 days. The Rossiter-McLaughlin effect is clearly detected, and the measured projected spin-orbit angle indicates that the planet occupies a retrograde orbit. WASP-94B (2MASS 20550915-3408078) is an F9 stellar companion at an angular separation of 15" (projected separation 2700 au), hosting a gas giant with a minimum mass of 0.617 +/- 0.028 M_Jup with a period of 2.008 days, detected by Doppler measurements. The orbital planes of the two planets are inclined relative to each other, indicating that at least one of them is inclined relative to the plane of the stellar binary. These hot Jupiters in a binary system bring new insights into the formation of close-in giant planets and the role of stellar multiplicity.

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Re: WASP-94 - Twin hot Jupiter systems

Post by Edasich on 29th September 2014, 3:35 am

Two hot Jupiters orbiting each component of a wide binary system... Very Happy

Moreover Microscopium is a sky field with so scanty exoplanets. Smile
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