SOAP 2.0 - radial velocity of spots and plages

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SOAP 2.0 - radial velocity of spots and plages

Post by Lazarus on 15th September 2014, 2:36 pm

Dumusque, Boise and Santos "SOAP 2.0: A tool to estimate the photometric and radial velocity variations induced by stellar spots and plages"

Dumusque "Deriving stellar inclination of slow rotators using stellar activity"

Obtains stellar inclination measurements for HD 189733 and Alpha Centauri B. HD 189733 is consistent with being aligned with the planet. Alpha Centauri B appears to be misaligned with the binary orbit, which if confirmed suggests various things about the likelihood of planet formation there, most of them not good (unless of course you think that planets are a bad thing).

Technique should also allow for correction of RVs in the presence of stellar activity.
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