The moon and CoRoT-7b

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The moon and CoRoT-7b

Post by Lazarus on 12th June 2014, 1:08 pm

CoRoT-7b inspires a study of the origin of the moon's chemical gradient and the difference between the landscapes of the nearside and farside.

Articles on the AstroWright blog: A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall on the Dark Side of the Moon
Part I: The Lunar Farside Highlands Problem
Part II: Thinking About Earthshine
Part III: The Crust is Made with Refractories

(bonus points for combining Dylan and Floyd)

Also on Dynamics of Cats
Heights of Lunacy
The Dark Side of the Moon: a Short History

The relevant arXiv paper:
Roy, Wright and Siguršsson (2014) "Earthshine on a Young Moon: Explaining the Lunar Farside Highlands"
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