Zeta-2 Reticuli

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Zeta-2 Reticuli

Post by Lazarus on 13th March 2014, 5:05 pm

Faramaz et al. (2014): "Can eccentric debris disks be long-lived? A first numerical investigation and application to ζ2 Reticuli"

The binary companion Zeta-1 Reticuli cannot be directly responsible for the eccentricity of the disc around Zeta-2 Reticuli. Suggests that a planet is responsible.
Investigation of the disk structure generated by the scattering processes provided an upper-mass limit of 2 MJup for an outer perturber located in a range of periastra 150250 AU, whereas a lower-mass limit of 0.1 MJup is associated with inner perturbers in the ζ2 Reticuli system.
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