The thermal planetary habitability classification for exoplanets.

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The thermal planetary habitability classification for exoplanets.

Post by Stalker on 8th February 2013, 6:52 am


I am working with the sudarsky classification of gas giants, and now I try to work with the T-PHC classification of exoplanets of the habitable exoplanet catalog. Some people, including myself think that HEC is not realy a serious website, but its classification is interesting.

Now I have two problems.

Fistly, when I calculate the equilibrum temperature of the earth (with Tsol=5750K, Rsol=1392000000m, D=1AU and a=0.3), I find 358.7K, it's pretty hot ans I think there is a problem somewhere. The equation is working very well with the sudarsky classification, but why not with the earth?:

My equation: Teq=Tsol*SQRT(SQRT(1-albedo)*(Rsol/(2*D)))

Second problem: I can't find the albedo for each class of planets used by HEC. Can someone help me please?


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