Destroyed rocky object at SDSS J073842.56+183509.06

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Destroyed rocky object at SDSS J073842.56+183509.06

Post by Lazarus on 31st January 2012, 7:37 pm

The disc around the white dwarf star SDSS J073842.56+183509.06 suggests that an object with at least the mass of Ceres has been tidally disrupted. The composition is richer in volatile elements and poorer in refractory ones than the Earth, so it may have formed further out.

Initial stellar mass is estimated as 4.47 0.36 solar masses, nice to know that such stars seem to be capable of forming rocky planets.

Detailed compositional analysis of the heavily polluted DBZ white dwarf SDSS J073842.56+183509.06: A window on planet formation?
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